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What the Orc Found 2
“Oy, Garog!”
Garog looked up at the greeting, momentarily pausing his work on the battleaxe head he was making on the mobile forge.  In a traveling mercenary band like theirs, a smith’s work was never done.  “Hello, Elf,” he said, wiping the sweat from his forehead with the back of his arm.  “What brings you here?”
“Elf” was a younger orc, probably no older than seventeen or eighteen winters.  Orjak was his real name, but he’d earned his nickname from his unusually slender build and his prowess with a bow.  Thanks to an incident where Garog had saved his life (Garog could barely remember the details, but he was pretty sure it had been an accident), the youth had devoted himself to the older soldier, often flanking him in battle and sharing spoils, unasked.  Even off the field, Elf made a point to be around him.  Garog didn’t mind unduly, since the other orc didn’t make a nuisance
:icongingersketches:gingersketches 3 6
Art Nouveau Genie by gingersketches Art Nouveau Genie :icongingersketches:gingersketches 17 4
What the Orc Found
When the band of orcs topped the rise, they realized they were too late to pillage this particular village.  The tiny town lay in smoldering ruins, the early autumn gusts whipping the smoke into curly tendrils of gray that reached for the sky.  
They wasted no time mourning, either for the missed opportunity or for the former occupants of the village.  At an order from their leader, the warriors tramped down the hill to investigate the remains and loot anything the previous raiders had missed.  It didn’t take long to realize that whoever had come before had been thorough.  Within an hour’s time, the majority of the band had retreated to the south side of the village to pitch camp, upwind of the smoke and ash floating through the air.
Garog didn’t give up quite as quickly as the rest.  He went through the ruins methodically, searching through every nook and cranny.  Slowly but steadily, his pack began to bulge with his findings.
He wa
:icongingersketches:gingersketches 3 7
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I hope everyone is well.  I have missed being on dA on a regular basis, and the community and feedback.  More than that, I have missed creating art.  Even my more recent pieces are things that I created late last year/beginning of this year for an art show at work.  Until that art show, I had not drawn anything in ALMOST A WHOLE YEAR.  That was shocking to me when I realized it.  Art used to be such an integral part of my life, but the daily routine of work-chores-sleep sort of muscled it out of the picture.

I am trying very hard to get back into doing it on a regular basis.  The sad part is, it has been so long since I've created with any regularity, I have been having difficulty doing it.  Not just the skills aspect, although that is part of it.  The real trick has been ignoring the inner critic who tells me that I've lost my touch, that it will take too long to gain back the ground I've lost, and that I should feel guilty for working on it when there are so many other "important" things I should be doing.

But I've been thinking:  God gives us all unique talents and skills.  And when God gives a gift, it is a GOOD gift.  We may choose to neglect or misuse it, but the fact that we have the gift is a sign that it is part of God's plan for our life.  Ergo, my ability to draw is not something "extra" or "unimportant", because God Himself thought it worth giving to me.  So I don't need to feel guilty when I take time to create.  Yes, certain things like family and my job take precedence, but there is nothing selfish about nurturing that creative aspect of my being.  If anything, it would be irresponsible of me to ignore a skill God gave to me.

So I have started to take the time to actively incorporate drawing time into my day.  Due to the lack of practice, I am working through a book of drawing tutorials to try to regain the motor skills (this one, if you're curious:…).  I checked the book out from the library and have been doing 1-2 lessons a day.  I've only been doing it for five days, but AMAZES me how good it feels.  How right it feels.  It's like something in my self was broken, and it's just been snapped back into place.  I hadn't even fully realized how much I'd missed drawing until I started doing it again.  It's like when my dad had his gallbladder out after years of flare ups:  he was so used to the pain, he didn't even realize how bad he had felt until he was reminded what being pain-free felt like.  (And I haven't even really drawn anything "fun" yet - just spheres and cubes and some sketchy sketches of my own.)

For those of you who, like me, have let the "daily-ness" of daily life push your creativity to the back burner, let me encourage you to stop that trend before it goes any further.  Grab that pencil, paintbrush, guitar, computer mouse, stylus, Worbla foam, fabric, colored pencil, marker, word processing program, theremin - WHATEVER IT MAY BE - and just take a few minutes out of your day to feed your creative self.  To nurture that God-given gift.  It deserves a place of importance.  Maybe not as much importance as some other things (groceries don't buy themselves, after all), but it needs to be a priority.

Happy creating, everyone!


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United States
I am a Christian, a homeschool graduate, and a cancer survivor. I have been drawing since 9th grade, and I enjoy playing classic video games and watching black-and-white movies. I currently work at my local library five days a week, and am in constant danger of drowning in the books I check out. I'm also married to a pretty amazing guy. I thank God every day for these blessings.

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